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Honor Code & Student Handbook

Academic Honor requires respect for the intellectual and artistic property of others. The Honor Pledge should be written and signed by students on all class tests, papers, examinations, and other work which a faculty member designates as an honor assignment.

Violations to the Academic Honor Code include but are not limited to:
• Giving or receiving information in advance of a test when individuals or class sections have taken the test earlier
• Giving or receiving any aid during a test
• Giving or receiving notes, textbooks, or other sources during a test unless authorized by the instructor
• Representing another's work or ideas as one's own. Plagiarism is an especially serious offense. "Cut and paste" from websites is not acceptable (even when cited). Copying text, even with changing or rearranging works is plagiarism.
• Permitting another student to copy work
• Removing any materials from the library, the computer lab, studios, or classrooms without properly signing them out or obtaining permission for their use

students working in gallery in front of the signed honor board poster


Social Honor requires treating ourselves and the other members of the community with respect, communicating honestly with one another, valuing our differences, and representing our school in a positive way.

Violations to the Social Honor Code include:
• Abusing, harassing, deliberately intimidating, or physically harming another person
• Displaying any form of racial, cultural, sexual, or religious prejudice
• Lying, cheating, stealing, vandalizing, and other lapses in social integrity
• Possessing, using, or selling alcohol or illegal drugs on campus or during any school sponsored event, including being present at school or school activities while under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs
• Smoking on school property
• Being absent or leaving school without appropriate permission
• Taking any action that may be judged prejudicial to the school, whether at school or elsewhere, or bringing discredit or embarrassment to the school through inappropriate public behavior